Revision of the subsection Fasciculata of Penicillium and some allied species.

Author: M. A. A. SCHIPPER:
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Price: € 10,-

The genera Blastobotrys, Sporothrix, Calcarisporium and Calcarisporiella gen.

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A re-evaluation of the bitunicate ascomycetes with keys to families and genera

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A study on variability in Mucor hiemalis and related species.

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On Thielavia and some similar genera of Ascomycetes.

Author: J. A. VON ARX:
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Paecilomyces and some allied Hyphomycetes

Author: R.A. Samson
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The Phoma and Ascochyta species described by Wollenweber and Hochapfel in their study on fruit-rotting.

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Studies in Phyllosticta I.

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The genera Beauveria, Isaria, Tritirachium and Acrodontium gen.

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The genus Talaromyces. Studies on Talaromyces and related genera II.

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