A (post-) genomic view on the diversity in Aspergillus

Edited by Robert A. Samson
Volume 91, Pages 1-100 (September 2018)

Open Access
Cyclins in aspergilli: Phylogenetic and functional analyses of group I cyclins
V. Paolillo, C.B. Jenkinson, T. Horio, B.R. Oakley
Pages 1-22

Open Access
Duplications and losses of genes encoding known elements of the stress defence system of the Aspergilli contribute to the evolution of these filamentous fungi but do not directly influence their environmental stress tolerance
T. Emri, K. Antal, R. Riley, Z. Karányi, ... I. Pócsi
Pages 23-36

Open Access
Evolution of asexual and sexual reproduction in the aspergilli
M. Ojeda-López, W. Chen, C.E. Eagle, G. Gutiérrez, ... P.S. Dyer
Pages 37-59

Open Access
The gold-standard genome of Aspergillus niger NRRL 3 enables a detailed view of the diversity of sugar catabolism in fungi
M.V. Aguilar-Pontes, J. Brandl, E. McDonnell, K. Strasser, ... R.P. de Vries
Pages 61-78

Open Access
Genomic and exoproteomic diversity in plant biomass degradation approaches among Aspergilli
M.R. Mäkelä, M. DiFalco, E. McDonnell, T.T.M. Nguyen, ... R.P. de Vries
Pages 79-99