Regular issue

Edited by Pedro W. Crous
Volume 90, Pages 1–190 (June 2018)

ISSN 0166-0616

Open Access
Coelomycetous Dothideomycetes with emphasis on the families Cucurbitariaceae and Didymellaceae
N. Valenzuela-Lopez, J.F. Cano-Lira, J. Guarro, D.A. Sutton, ... A.M. Stchigel.
Studies in Mycology 90: 1-66

Open Access
A preliminary account of the Cucurbitariaceae
W.M. Jaklitsch, J. Checa, M.N. Blanco, I. Olariaga, ... H. Voglmayr
Studies in Mycology 90: 71-118

Open Access
Zombie-ant fungi across continents: 15 new species and new combinations within Ophiocordyceps. I. Myrmecophilous hirsutelloid species
J.P.M. Araújo, H.C. Evans, R. Kepler, D.P. Hughes
Studies in Mycology 90: 119-160

Open Access
Resolving the Lophiostoma bipolare complex: Generic delimitations within Lophiostomataceae
A. Hashimoto, K. Hirayama, H. Takahashi, M. Matsumura, ... K. Tanaka
Studies in Mycology 90: 161-189