Leading women in fungal biology

Edited by Robert A. Samson
Volume 89, Pages 1–301 (March 2018)

ISSN 0166-0616

Open Access
Phylogenetic classification and generic delineation of Calyptosphaeria gen. nov., LentomitellaSpadicoidesand Torrentispora (Sordariomycetes)
M. Réblová, A.N. Miller, K. Réblová, V. Štěpánek 
Studies in Mycology 89: 1-62

Open Access
Naming names: the first women taxonomists in mycology
Sara Maroske, Tom W. May 
Studies in Mycology 89: 63-84

Open Access
RXLR effector diversity in Phytophthora infestansisolates determines recognition by potato resistance proteins; the case study AVR1 and R1
Y. Du, R. Weide, Z. Zhao, P. Msimuko, ... K. Bouwmeester 
Studies in Mycology 89: 85-93

Open Access
Temporal variation of fungal diversity in a mosaic landscape in Germany
S. Rudolph, J.G. Maciá-Vicente, H. Lotz-Winter, M. Schleuning, M. Piepenbring 
Studies in Mycology 89: 95-104

Open Access
Two different R gene loci co-evolved with Avr2 of Phytophthora infestans and confer distinct resistance specificities in potato
C. Aguilera-Galvez, N. Champouret, H. Rietman, X. Lin, ... V.G.A.A. Vleeshouwers 
Studies in Mycology 89: 105-115

Open Access
Fungus wars: basidiomycete battles in wood decay
J. Hiscox, J. O'Leary, L. Boddy 
Studies in Mycology 89:117-124

Open Access
Novel and interesting Ophiocordyceps spp. (OphiocordycipitaceaeHypocreales) with superficial perithecia from Thailand
J. Luangsa-ard, K. Tasanathai, D. Thanakitpipattana, A. Khonsanit, M. Stadler 
Studies in Mycology 89: 125-142

Open Access
Deconstructing the evolutionary complexity between rust fungi (Pucciniales) and their plant hosts 
M.C. Aime, C.D. Bell, A.W. Wilson 
Studies in Mycology89: 143-152

Open Access
Phylogeny of dermatophytes with genomic character evaluation of clinically distinct Trichophyton rubrum and T. violaceum 
Zhan, K. Dukik, D. Li, J. Sun, ... G.S. de Hoog 
Studies in Mycology 89: 153-175

Open Access
Cladosporium species in indoor environments 
K. Bensch, J.Z. Groenewald, M. Meijer, J. Dijksterhuis, ... R.A.
Samson Studies in Mycology 89: 177-301