Paecilomyces and some allied Hyphomycetes

Author: R.A. Samson
Details: 119 pp., paperback, 1974

The genus Paecilomyces (type species: P. variotii Bainier) is monographed and redefined. The delimitation of the genus and its relationship to other genera are discussed; the perfect states belong to Byssochlamys Westl., Talaromyces C. R. Benjamin and Thermoascus Miehe. A key to the described genera and some relatives is given. The morphological characters of Paecilomyces are described; a subdivision into two sections is proposed: In the Sect. Paecilomyces some mesophilic to thermophilic species are accomodated with yellow-brown to brown colonies; several species are accompanied by a perfect state. Mesophilic species with white or other bright colonies are accomodated in the new Sect. Isarioidea; among them are several entomogenous taxa. 31species are keyed out, described and illustrated. The descriptions are mainly based on their morphological characters in pure culture. Paecilomyces aerugineus, P. ghanensis, P. ramosus, P. coleopterorum, P. reniformis and P. niphetodes are described as new species. New combinations for 9 species, originally described in Isaria, Spicaria, Verticillium, Penicillium and Cylindrodendrum are proposed. The genus Mariannaea Arnaud is re-introduced and validated. Penicillium elegans Corda is transferred to this genus; a new variety punicea of this species and a new species M. camptospora are described and illustrated. The genus Nomuraea Maublanc is retained for two entomogenous species, Spicaria rileyi (Farlow) Charles and Isaria atypicola Yasuda. Paecilomyces berolinensis Oláh & Ackermann and P. herbarum Brown & Smith are accomodated in the genus Septofusidium W. Gams. The concept of this genus is briefly discussed. The new genus Gabarnaudia Samson & W. Gams is proposed to accomodate Oospora betae Delacr. and the conidial state of Sphaeronaemella fimicola Marchal. Gabarnaudia tholispora Arnaud ex Samson & W. Gams and G. humicola Samson & W. Gams (ascigerous state: Sphaeronaemella humicola Samson & W. Gams) are described as new species. Doubtful and excluded species originally described in Paecilomyces and Spicaria are listed and two new combinations, Verticillium subfasciculatum (Petch) Samson & W. Gams (= Oospora subfasciculata Petch) and Scopulariopsis parva (Brown & Smith) Samson (= Paecilomyces parvus Brown & Smith) are proposed.