The genus Cladosporium and similar dematiaceous hyphomycetes

Editor(s): Pedro W. Crous, Uwe Braun, Konstanze Schubert and Johannes Z. Groenewald
Details: 253 pp., fully illustrated with colour pictures (A4 format), paperback, 2007
Price: € 65,-

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Species of Cladosporium are common and widespread, and interact with humans in every phase of life, from producing allergens in the indoor environment, to causing fruit decay and plant disease, or being associated with human mycoses. Although Cladosporium is one of the largest and most heterogeneous genera of hyphomycetes, only a mere fraction of these species are known from culture, and few have been characterised based on molecular data. The present volume consists of nine research papers, and introduces 71 new combinations, 53 new species, 15 genera, and one family. Specific conditions and media are recommended to study Cladosporium and allied genera, while the genus is circumscribed, and separated from morphologically similar taxa with which it has been confused in the past. Generic issues related to the anamorph genera and associated Dothideomycete teleomorph genera (DavidiellaMycosphaerellaVenturia) are addressed, and multi-allelic data sets provided to facilitate species recognition. The volume is richly illustrated, with more than 100 colour plates, numerous line drawings, and scanning electron micrographs.

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Download pdf Mycosphaerella is polyphyletic
P.W. Crous, U. Braun and J.Z. Groenewald. Studies in Mycology 58: 1–32. (2007)
Download pdf Delimiting Cladosporium from morphologically similar genera
P.W. Crous, U. Braun, K. Schubert and J.Z. Groenewald. Studies in Mycology 58: 33–56. (2007)
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Phylogenetic and morphotaxonomic revision of Ramichloridium and allied genera
M. Arzanlou, J.Z. Groenewald, W. Gams, U. Braun, H.-D Shin and P.W. Crous. Studies in Mycology 58: 57–93. (2007)

Download pdf Cladosporium leaf-blotch and stem rot of Paeonia spp. caused by Dichocladosporium chlorocephalum gen. nov.
K. Schubert, U. Braun, J.Z. Groenewald and P.W. Crous. Studies in Mycology 58: 95–104. (2007)
Download pdf Biodiversity in the Cladosporium herbarum complex (Davidiellaceae, Capnodiales), with standardisation of methods for Cladosporium taxonomy and diagnostics
K. Schubert, J. Z. Groenewald, U. Braun, J. Dijksterhuis, M. Starink, C.F. Hill, P. Zalar, G.S. de Hoog and P.W. Crous. Studies in Mycology 58: 105–156. (2007)
Download pdf Phylogeny and ecology of the ubiquitous saprobe Cladosporium sphaerospermum, with descriptions of seven new species from hypersaline environments
P. Zalar, G.S. de Hoog, H.-J. Schroers, P.W. Crous, J.Z. Groenewald and N. Gunde-Cimerman. Studies in Mycology 58: 157–183. (2007)
Download pdf Opportunistic, human-pathogenic species in the Herpotrichiellaceae are phenotypically similar to saprobic or phytopathogenic species in the Venturiaceae
P.W. Crous, K. Schubert, U. Braun, G.S. de Hoog, A.D. Hocking, H.-D. Shin and J.Z. Groenewald. Studies in Mycology 58: 185–217. (2007)
Download pdf Molecular analysis and pathogenicity of the Cladophialophora carrionii complex, with the description of a novel species
G.S. de Hoog, A.S. Nishikaku, G. Fernandez-Zeppenfeldt, C. Padín-González, E. Burger, H. Badali, N. Richard-Yegres and A.H.G.
Gerrits van den Ende. Studies in Mycology 58: 219–234. (2007)
Download pdf Taxonomy, nomenclature and phylogeny of three cladosporium-like hyphomycetes, Sorocybe resinae, Seifertia azaleae and the Hormoconis anamorph of morphotheca resinae
K.A. Seifert, S.J. Hughes, H. Boulay and G. Louis-Seize. Studies in Mycology 58: 235–245. (2007)
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