Hypocrea and Trichoderma studies marking the 90th birthday of Joan M. Dingley

Editor(s): Walter Gams
Details: 177pp., fully illustrated with colour pictures (A4 format), paperback, 2006


This special issue of Studies in Mycology has been dedicated to Joan M. Dingley on the occasion of her 90th birthday. Joan Dingley received international status as mycologist for her excellent monographic work dealing with the Hypocreales of New Zealand. This special issue consists of four papers focusing on Trichoderma and their Hypocrea teleomorphs (Jaklitsch et al. 2006, Overton et al. 2006a, b, Samuels et al. 2006). Overton et al. (2006a, b) dealt with some conspicuous, mainly fungicolous Hypocreaspecies which have inconspicuous anamorphs. Samuels et al. (2006) (T. koningii clade) and Jaklitsch et al. 2006 (T. viride clade) dealt with some of the commonest, but very complex species, in which the Trichoderma anamorph outweighs the teleomorph in ecological success and differentiation. These groups include some important biocontrol agents. 

This volume describes the new taxonomic developments in Hypocrea and its economically important Trichoderma anamorphs. It contains four contributions dealing with (1) Hypocrea citrina and related species; (2) Trichoderma anamorphs of the section Hypocreanum of nine species of Hypocrea; (3) the Trichoderma koningii aggregate with the (re)description of T. koningiiT. ovalisporum and the new species T. caribbaeum var. caribbaeumT. caribbaeum var. aequatorialeT. dorotheaeT. dingleyaeT. intricatumT. koningiopsisT. peterseniT. taiwanenseT. rogersonii and T. austrokoningii, and the new anamorph T. stilbohypoxyli (4). A reassessment of the complex of Hypocrea rufa and Trichoderma viride with the description of five taxa.

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Download pdf Systematics of Hypocrea citrina and related taxa
Barrie E. Overton, Elwin L. Stewart, David M. Geiser and Walter M. Jaklitsch. Studies in Mycology 56: 1–38. (2006)
Download pdf Taxonomy and phylogenetic relationships of nine species of Hypocrea with anamorphs assignable to Trichoderma section Hypocreanum
Barrie E. Overton, Elwin L. Stewart and David M. Geiser. Studies in Mycology 56: 39–65. (2006)
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The Trichoderma koningii aggregate species
Gary J. Samuels, Sarah Dodd, Bing-Sheng Lu, Orlando Petrini, Hans-Josef Schroers, Irina S. Druzhinina. Studies in Mycology 56: 67–133. (2006)

Download pdf Hypocrea rufa/Trichoderma viride: a reassessment, and description of five closely related species with and without warted conidia
Walter M. Jaklitsch, Gary J. Samuels, Sarah L. Dodd, Bing-Sheng Lu and Irina S. Druzhinina. Studies in Mycology 56: 135–177. (2006)
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