The Missing Lineages: Phylogeny and ecology of endophytic and other enigmatic root-associated fungi

Editor(s): Richard C. Summerbell, Randolph S. Currah & Lynne Sigler
Details: 254pp, fully illustrated with colour pictures (A4 format), paperback, 2005


This volume helps to bring the molecular biological revolution to some of these “missing lineages.” Included are some fungi fitting the classic ecological category of ‘sterile root fungus,’ as well as others that do sporulate, but only after very long incubation. Also, the conidial soil- and root-associated fungal genus Oidiodendron, which shares with ‘sterile root fungi’ the problem of having morphology so reduced that reliable species distinction has been next to impossible, is re-examined with advanced phenotypic methodologies to find distinctions reflecting the molecular genetic distinctions that are now known within the group. The first part of the volume, then, consists of biosystematic studies elucidating either the primary phylogenetic systematics, or the post-molecular phenotypic reinterpretation, of previously intractable groups of root-associated fungi and their relatives. The volume consists of 11 contributions.

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Download pdf Meliniomyces, a new anamorph genus for root-associated fungi with phylogenetic affinities to Rhizoscyphus ericae (≡ Hymenoscyphus ericae), Leotiomycetes
Sarah Hambleton and Lynne Sigler. Studies in Mycology 53: 1–27. (2005)
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Leohumicola, a new genus of heat-resistant hyphomycetes
Sarah Hambleton, Nancy L Nickerson and Keith A Seifert. Studies in Mycology 53: 29–52. (2005)

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Two new Cryptosporiopsis species from roots of ericaceous hosts in western North America
Lynne Sigler, Tamara Allan, Sea Ra Lim, Shannon Berch and Mary Berbee. Studies in Mycology 53: 53–62. (2005)

Download pdf Utility of a cultural method for identification of the ericoid mycobiont Oidiodendron maius confirmed by ITS sequence analysis
Lynne Sigler and Connie Fe C. Gibas. Studies in Mycology 53: 63–74. (2005)
Download pdf Profiles from Biolog FF plates and morphological characteristics support the recognition of Oidiodendron fimicola sp. nov.
Adrianne V. Rice and Randolph S. Currah. Studies in Mycology 53: 75–82. (2005)
Download pdf Oidiodendron: A survey of the named species and related anamorphs of Myxotrichum
Adrianne V. Rice and Randolph S. Currah. Studies in Mycology 53: 83–120. (2005)
Download pdf Root endophyte and mycorrhizosphere fungi of black spruce, Picea mariana, in a boreal forest habitat: influence of site factors on fungal distributions
Richard C. Summerbell. Studies in Mycology 53: 121–145. (2005)
Download pdf Diversity of symbiotic root endophytes of the Helotiales in ericaceous plants and the grass, Deschampsia flexuosa
Jantineke D. Zijlstra, Pieter Van ’t Hof, Jacqueline Baar, Gerard J.M. Verkley, Richard C. Summerbell, Istvan Paradi, Wim G. Braakhekke and Frank Berendse. Studies in Mycology 53: 147–162. (2005)
Download pdf Protocorm mycobionts of the Federally threatened eastern prairie fringed orchid, Platanthera leucophaea (Nutt.) Lindley, and a technique to prompt leaf elongation in seedlings
Lawrence W. Zettler, Kurt A. Piskin, Scott L. Stewart, Jared J. Hartsock, Marlin L. Bowles and Timothy J. Bell. Studies in Mycology 53: 163–171. (2005)
Download pdf Seeking the elusive function of the root-colonising dark septate endophytic fungi
Keerthi Mandyam and Ari Jumpponen. Studies in Mycology 53: 13–189. (2005)
Download pdf From Lamarckian fertilizers to fungal castles: recapturing the pre-1985 literature on endophytic and saprotrophic fungi associated with ectomycorrhizal root systems
Richard C. Summerbell. Studies in Mycology 53: 191–256. (2005)
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