New or critical Hyphomycetes from India.

Author(s): V. RAO and G. S. DE HOOG
Details: 84pp.,1986
Price: € 25,- 

Thirty-two Hyphomycetes on rotten plant material collected at several localities at the Indian subcontinent are described and illustrated, mostly directly from the natural substrate, but occasionally also after pure cultures. Two new combinations are proposed in Monodictys; new species are described in Brachydesmiella, Monotosporella, Dendryphiosphaera, Cheiromyces, Monodictys, Hermatomyces, Leptodontidium, Ramichloridium, Spadicoides, Cordana, Exserticlava, Vermispora, Haplographium, Menisporopsis, Craspedodidymum, Bahusutrabeeja, Gyrothrix and Helminthosporium. A new variety of Brachydesmiella biseptata is proposed. Preliminary keys are given to the hitherto known species of Pithomyces and Monodictys. A list of further Indian species found in the course of the study is provided.