A monograph of Stilbella and some allied Hyphomycetes

Author: K. A. SEIFERT
Details: 235 pp., paperback, 1985

Species attributed to the anamorph genera Stilbella and Stilbum auct. are revised. Taxonomic characters useful for classifying synnematous anamorphs are analyzed, with an emphasis placed on classification of known teleomorphs, pigment changes in KOH and lactic acid, and conidiomatal anatomy. Monographic revisions of Stilbella, Didymostilbe, Rhizostilbella, Polycephalomyces and Dendrostilbella are presented, as well as revisions of some species of Tubercularia and Gliocladium. Descriptions and illustrations are provided of each anamorph species, and of known teleomorphs. A dichotomous key to Stilbella and similar Hyphomycete genera is presented, followed by dichotomous keys to species of each revised genus. A synoptic key to all species described in this paper is included. A list of excluded or insufficiently known species of Stilbella, Stilbum, Ciliciopodium, Dendrostilbella and Sphaerostilbe is provided.
The following nomenclatural changes are proposed:
New combinations — Stilbella aciculosa (Ellis & Everhart) Seifert, S. albocitrina (Ellis & Everhart) Seifert, S. aleuriata (Berk. & Curtis) Seifert, S. annulata (Berk. & Curtis) Seifert, S. byssiseda (Pers.) Seifert, S. candidula (Penzig & Sacc.) Seifert, S. flavipes (Peck) Seifert, S. minutissima (Speg.) Seifert, S. sebacea (Ellis & Everhart) Seifert, S. fusca (Sacc.) Seifert, S. clavulata (Mont.) Seifert, S. aterrima (Welw. & Curr.) Seifert, S. bambusae (Pat. & Gaill.) Seifert, Tubercularia aurantiaca (Babington) Seifert, T. grayana (Sacc. & Ellis) Seifert, T. lateritia (Berk.) Seifert, T. smaragdina (Alb. & Schw.) Seifert, Didymostilbe capsici (Pat.) Seifert, D. macrospora (Penzig & Sacc.) Seifert, D. sundara (Subram. & D. J. Bhat) Seifert, Sphaerostilbella aureonitens (Tul.) Seifert, Samuels & W. Gams, Gliocladium aurifilum(Gerard) Seifert, Samuels & W. Gams G. polyporicola (Henn.) Seifert & W. Gams, Nectria mauritiicola (Henn.) Seifert & Samuels, Rhizostilbella hibisci (Pat.) Seifert, Polycephalomyces tomentosus (Schrader) Seifert, Dendrostilbella mycophila (Pers.) Seifert, D. rubrostipitata (Mats.) Seifert, Crinula byssogena (Berk. & Br.) Seifert and Dennisographium ustulinae (Pat.) Seifert.
New species — Stilbella albominuta Seifert, S. emericellopsis Seifert, S. clavispora Seifert, S. stereicola Seifert, Nectria australiensis Seifert, Tubercularia australiensis Seifert, T. harpostipitata Seifert, Didymostilbe aurantiospora Seifert & Okada, Sphaerostilbella novaezelandiae Seifert, Samuels & W. Gams, Gliocladium novaezelandiae Seifert, Samuels & W. Gams, and G. thaxteri Seifert & W. Gams.
New name — Didymostilbe matsushimae Seifert.