Taxonomy of the Dactylaria complex,

Editor: G. S. DE HOOG
Details: 124pp.,1985
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The taxonomic position of the type species of Dactylaria Sacc., D. purpurella (Sacc.) Sacc., is discussed. The authentic material is described, and several secondary collections are reidentified. The genus is redefined and subdivided into four sections. The genera Mirandina Arn. ex Mats. and Pleurophragmium Cost. are treated as synonyms of Dactylaria. Fourty-one species are accepted and keyed out. The genus Neta Shearer & Crane is described with six taxa. Keys are presented to the species of Subulispora/Solosympodiella and Scolecobasidium/Ochroconis, while some new species are added to these genera.