A revision of the genus Sporotrichum.

Author: J. A. STALPERS
Details: 105pp.,1984
Price: € 20,- 

The genus Sporotrichum is here restricted to anamorphs of lignicolous basidiomycetes with stalked, broadly attached terminal blastoconidia borne on randomly to racemosely branched conidiophores. conidia and hyphal cells are multinucleate. Only three species are accepted: S. aurantiacum, S. pruinosum and S. versisporum. Their teleomorphs belong to Pycnoporellus, Phanerochaete and Laetiporus, respectively, genera which are considered closely related. The new genus Disporotrichum with the type species D. dimorphosporum deviates from Sporotrichum by the not or scarcely stalked conidia, the presence of a second type of blastoconidium and by being non-lignicolous. All 339 epithets published in Sporotrichum are listed in a check list, which comprises 319 taxa (313 species and 6 varieties), mostly anamorphs of ascomycetes. Eleven new combinations are proposed: Arthrographis sulphurea, Basipetospora vesicarum, Geniculosporium densissimum, Piloderma fallax, Pycnoporellus metamorphosus, Rhizopus stolonifer var. lyococcos, Disporotrichum dimorphosporum, Sporotrichum versisporum, Talaromyees malagensis, Tomentella lapidum, Tomentella stuposa and Ugola praticola