Monograph of the genus Pythium

Author: J. van der Plaats-Niterink
Details: 244 pp., paperback, 1981

This revision of the species of Pythium Pringsh. is mainly based on living cultures preserved at the Centraalbureau voor Schimmelcultures. Eighty five species are recognized and described in alphabetical sequence; sixty four of these are available as living strains. In addition, two highly specialized cellulolytic species are treated in an appendix. Pythium buismaniae and P. macrosporum are described as new species. These species and some incompletely known ones are keyed out dichotomously. Seven species are heterothallic and produce sexual organs only in combinations of compatible isolates, whilst others that fail to produce oogonia can generally not be identified at species level. Sixty five taxa are listed as excluded, incompletely known or doubtful. The species are illustrated by line drawings, a few light micrographs and scanning electron micrographs of omamented oogonia. For each species a compilation of literature data on occurrence and pathogenicity is given, reference being made to 1133 publications.