The black yeasts, II: Moniliella and allied genera.

Editor: G. S. DE HOOG
Details: 90pp., paperback, 1979
Price: € 20,-

Chrysosporium Corda and those genera formerly placed in synonymy with Chrysosporium are revised, with the addition of Trichosporiella Kamyschko ex W. Gams & Domsch. The monograph provides keys to descriptions and illustrations of the taxa now recognised in Chrysosporium (22 species), Myceliophthora Cost. (8 species), Emmonsia Cif. & Montemartini (2 varieties), Zymonema de Beurmann & Gougerot (1 species), Trichosporiella (2 species) and Geomyces Traaen (3 varieties). The thallic and blastic modes of conidiogenesis and the rhexolytic dehiscence of conidia are considered. The relation to other hyphomycete genera, particularly the macroconidial genera Trichophyton Malmsten and Microsporum Gruby, are discussed. The known teleomorphs associated with the described species, belonging to the Gymnoascaceae, Onygenaceae, Ascosphaeraceae and Sordariaceae are listed. Hyphomycete genera which have been confused with those dealt with in the monograph are treated. An annotated check list of all excluded and doubtful species is given.