The genera Beauveria, Isaria, Tritirachium and Acrodontium gen.

Author: G. S. DE HOOG:
Details: 41pp., paperback, 1972
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The genus Beauveria Vuill. is restricted to three species, of which descriptions and figures are provided: B. bassiana, B. brongniartii and B. alba. The genus Isaria Fr. is described with two species, I. felina and I. orthopterorum. The species formerly placed in Tritirachium Limber are arranged in two genera: Tritirachium, based on T. dependens, characterized by the zig-zag shape of the fertile portions of the conidiogenous cells and the absence of distinct denticles, and Acrodontium gen. nov., based on Chloridium crateriforme van Beyma, characterized by the straight, denticulate fertile portions of the conidiogenous cells. Descriptions and figures are presented of two species of Tritirachium and seven species of Acrodontium. In the latter genus two sections are distinguished: in section Acrodontium the conidia are formed on solitary conidiogenous cells, in section Grisea, based on Tritirachium heimii (Saccas) Langer. var. griseum Fassatiová, compound erect or suberect conidiophores are present which are mostly stiff and pigmented. A list of doubtful and excluded species is given.