(1). On certain species of Mucor with a key to all accepted species. (2). On the genera Rhizomucor and Parasitella.

Author:M. A. A. SCHIPPER:
Details: 70pp., paperback, 1978
Price: € 15,-

Treated are all species of Mucor known in culture and not discussed in three earlier papers (Schipper, 1973, 1975, 1976). Described are 21 species and varieties, four of which are new taxa (Mucor amphibiorum, M. tuberculisporus, M. variosporus, M. zychae var. linnemanniae) and one is validated (M. prayagensis). The rather unusual results of interspecific contrasts in the described taxa are discussed in connection with literature data. A key is given to all accepted Mucor species, varieties and formae; 49 taxa are considered. The genus Rhizomucor is reintroduced for the 3 thermophilic species, Rhizomucor pusillus, Rh. miehei and Rh. tauricus. The genus is distinct from Mucor by the formation of stolons and rhizoids and by its temperature requirements. The genus Parasitella is accepted for the single species, Parasitella parasitica.