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In search of lost ergots: phylogenetic re-evaluation of Claviceps species in Japan and their biogeographic patterns revealed
E. Tanaka, K. Tanada, T. Hosoe, B. Shrestha, M. Kolařík, M. Liu Studies in Mycology 106: 1–39 (2023). supplementary file

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Diversity of colacosome-interacting mycoparasites expands the understanding of the evolution and ecology of Microbotryomycetes
N. Schoutteten, A. Yurkov, O. Leroux, D. Haelewaters, D. Van Der Straeten, O. Miettinen, T. Boekhout, D. Begerow, A. Verbeken Studies in Mycology 106: 41–94 (2023). supplementary file

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The subfamily Xerocomoideae (Boletaceae, Boletales) in China
R. Xue, X. Zhang, C. Xu1,, H.J. Xie, L.L. Wu, Y. Wang, L.P. Tang, Y.J. Hao, K. Zhao, S. Jiang, Y. Li, Y.Y. Yang, Z. Li, Z.Q. Liang, N.K. Zeng Studies in Mycology 106: 95–197 (2023). supplementary file

Open Access
New genera and species with chloridium-like morphotype in the Chaetosphaeriales and Vermiculariopsiellales
M. Réblová*, J. Nekvindová Studies in Mycology 106: 199–258 (2023).