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Edited by Robert A Samson
June 2020. 396 pp, online only. No hardcopy available. 

Open Access
Identification of Rosellinia species as producers of cyclodepsipeptide PF1022 A and resurrection of the genus Dematophora as inferred from polythetic taxonomy
K. Wittstein, A. Cordsmeier, C. Lambert, L. Wendt, ... M. Stadler
Pages 1-16 supplementary files

Open Access
Diversity and phylogeny of basidiomycetous yeasts from plant leaves and soil: Proposal of two new orders, three new families, eight new genera and one hundred and seven new species
A.-H. Li, F.-X. Yuan, M. Groenewald, K. Bensch, ... F.-Y. Bai
Pages 17-140

Open Access
101 Dothideomycetes genomes: A test case for predicting lifestyles and emergence of pathogens
S. Haridas, R. Albert, M. Binder, J. Bloem, ... I.V. Grigoriev
Pages 141-153

Open Access
Phylogenetic origins and family classification of typhuloid fungi, with emphasis on Ceratellopsis, Macrotyphula and Typhula (Basidiomycota)
I. Olariaga, S. Huhtinen, T. Læssøe, J.H. Petersen, K. Hansen
Pages 155-184

Open Access
M. Shen, J.Q. Zhang, L.L. Zhao, J.Z. Groenewald, ... Y. Zhang
Pages 185-308

Open Access
The phoma-like dilemma
L.W. Hou, J.Z. Groenewald, L.H. Pfenning, O. Yarden, ... L. Cai
Pages 309-396