A re-evaluation of the bitunicate ascomycetes with keys to families and genera

Author(s): J. A. von Arx and E. Müller
Details: 159 pp., paperback, 1975

All genera of bitunicate Ascomycetes known to the authors are included in 34 families, for which only the order Dothidiales is maintained. A dichotomous key is provided for all families and the genera contained within them. The families are characterized, their relationships discussed, and synonymous families are given. The genera are listed along with references to the first description and the names of the species. Host plants are indicated only for host-specific species. synonymous genera are listed with name, author and year of publication, but without full reference or citation of type species. In some synonymous genera the names of the type species are recombined, especially where type specimens or type strains have been examined. An estimate of the number of species in each genus is included and, where known, generic names of conidial states are provided.