Multigene phylogeny and reclassification of yeasts and related filamentous taxa in Basidiomycota

Editors: Teun Boekhout and Feng-Yan Bai. 
Details: 190 pp., fully illustrated with colour pictures (A4 format), 2015.

ISSN 0166-0616

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Phylogeny of tremellomycetous yeasts and related dimorphic and filamentous basidiomycetes reconstructed from multiple gene sequence analyses
X.-Z. Liu, Q.-M. Wang, B. Theelen, M. Groenewald, F.-Y. Bai, T. Boekhout. Studies in Mycology 81: 1–26

Download pdf Phylogeny of yeasts and related filamentous fungi within Pucciniomycotina determined from multigene sequence analyses
Q.-M. Wang, M. Groenewald, M. Takashima, B. Theelen, P.-J. Han, X.-Z. Liu, T. Boekhout, F.-Y. Bai Studies in Mycology 81: 27–53
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Multigene phylogeny and taxonomic revision of yeasts and related fungi in the Ustilaginomycotina
Q.-M. Wang, D. Begerow, M. Groenewald, X.-Z. Liu, B. Theelen, F.-Y. Bai, T. Boekhout Studies in Mycology 81: 55–83

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Towards an integrated phylogenetic classification of the Tremellomycetes
X.-Z. Liu, Q.-M. Wang, M. Göker, M. Groenewald, A.V. Kachalkin, H.T. Lumbsch, A.M. Millanes, M. Wedin, A.M. Yurkov, T. Boekhout, F.-Y. Bai. Studies in Mycology 81: 85–147

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Phylogenetic classification of yeasts and related taxa within Pucciniomycotina
Q.-M. Wang, A.M. Yurkov, M. Göker, H.T. Lumbsch, S.D. Leavitt, M. Groenewald, B. Theelen, X.-Z. Liu, T. Boekhout, F.-Y. Bai. Studies in Mycology 81: 149-189

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